Therapy for teens

Trying to find the right therapist for your teen can feel really overwhelming. And finding the right fit matters, especially for teenagers. I offer a style of support that teens can connect with. My past experiences as a High School and Middle School therapist, as well as raising teenagers at home gives me a unique ability to relate to this age group. I specialize in helping teens overcome performance pressure, sleep problems, anxiety, and peer problems, as well as impacts of divorce/separation. My interventions are based on the latest scientific research as well as years of experience engaging with troubled youth.

Therapy for college students

There is no doubt that college is stressful. In addition to classes, assignments, and tests, navigating social and emotional challenges can arise. Living away from home and finding new social groups, while figuring out who you are and deciding what you want to do with the rest of your life can feel incredibly overwhelming. I can relate, having worked through two Masters degrees myself. Learning effective coping strategies and having a professional support you through your college journey will reduce anxiety, stress, feelings of loneliness, and depression and allow you to enjoy the present moment with much more ease.

Parent counseling

I offer a tailored and personalized treatment approach supported by many years of experience working with parents and caregivers with a focus on anxiety, stress, burn-out, performance pressure, feelings of overwhelm, and lingering sadness. I also support parents in finding strategies that work with teens presenting concerning behaviors.

As a parent of teens myself, I can relate to the many challenges life brings when kids are navigating teenage years. I am here to support you and your family in creating a healthier, happier, more productive life.


ADHD shows up differently in each individual and requires tailored treatment to lessen the life impairments experienced by people with ADHD.

I take a holistic approach to ADHD treatment. My goal is to help you understand the nature and specific needs of the ADHD brain.
We will be working on changes to unhealthy beliefs, diet, exercise, sleep habits, and organization to get the best results. If you have a child with ADHD, I can help you navigate the school support system and work with you on creating a support system at home.

Therapy for expats

Living and working away from home is challenging. I have experienced these challenges myself. Managing a career and raising children without the support of family and other established networks was hard when I left my home in Germany to live in different cities in the US. In my private practice I provide care to individuals struggling with anxiety, self-doubt, overwhelming emotions, as well as relationship challenges that are exacerbated by transitions and cultural adjustment. My approach is solution-focused and goal-oriented.
Services are available in English and German.

Pregnancy and Postpartum

When we become a parent our world turns upside down.
Many women experience increased feelings of worry and nervousness during pregnancy. Some common sources of anxiety include concerns about the health of the baby, the outcome of childbirth, and the responsibilities of parenthood.

Anxiety during pregnancy can hurt both maternal and fetal health, and it is important to seek support and treatment to manage worry or stress.

Being a new parent can be incredibly isolating and spotted with darkness. Feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress are common during the postpartum period. I, myself, have experienced post-partum depression and anxiety and can relate to the experience firsthand. In my practice, I want to provide women with the tools and support they need to manage their mental health, improve their relationships with loved ones, and establish tools and strategies that work. I use evidence-based techniques to help you unlearn negative thoughts and behaviors and adopt healthier thinking patterns and habits so that you can focus on what you set out to do without being overwhelmed by self-doubt, anxiety, and feeling run down.

Therapy Dog

Stanley Therapy Dog

Stanley The Therapy Dog

Stanley is a 6-year-old small hypoallergenic labradoodle who is trained to provide comfort during therapy sessions. He is available on demand to assist with his calm presence and ability to ease anxiety through touch and companionship during therapy sessions.

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Issues I treat in my practice

Anxiety Therapy
Performance pressure

Parenting challenges
Work stressors
Life transitions
Sleep concerns
Chronic health issues
Pregnancy and postpartum
Finding meaning/purpose

As your therapist, my role is to raise awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses, provide actionable suggestions for growth, and guide you on your journey towards positive life change and a healthy mind. Together we’ll work to uncover and better understand life’s challenges and day-to-day stressors that detract from your life and focus, and begin identifying and practicing things that will make you stronger.

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